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I am involved in a number of projects nationally. I love having new challenges and opportunities.

If you are looking for a media spokesperson or a comment on lived experience of birth trauma, perinatal mental health, PTSD or having a baby in neonatal, someone to be your conference speaker to help raise awareness or help educate your audience, if you need information on ways to support breastfeeding, improve maternity services or around perinatal mental health. If you would like a guest post about issues relating to birth trauma, premature birth, perinatal mental health, or maternity care, please contact me.

A Patient’s perspective

My experience can be used as education to help raise awareness and understanding of birth trauma and perinatal PTSD so that we can improve care and services to help reduce trauma during birth but also the services in place to support families with perinatal mental health.

Im always happy to help develop and support the development of new pathways, policies or toolkits that support families and the care they receive in maternity or perinatal health services. Working in the NHS but also having lived experience gives me a unique insight into the challenges of both those who need care but also those who are responsible deliver services to care for them. Hearing the voices of all is important to improving the support we give to families.

Change Agent

I believe change is possible, and no matter who you are you can be that small link that drives innovation and change. I graduated from the NHS improving quality  ‘School of healthcare radicals‘ as a Change Agent and strive to make a difference to services both nationally and locally. I run various campaigns during the year and if you have a campaign you feel I could bring value to please get in touch.

Workshops and Training

I have experience with the organisation of study days, training, workshops and conferences. So if you would like help with a workshop you are organising, or for me to attend, share my story/experiences or run a workshop or awareness training session please contact me.

Why should you think about working with me?

I am passionate and dedicated to making a difference to the lives of others. For many years I suffered and struggled to find the help and support I needed. I never want this to be the case for others. This desire to see change happen, to make sure all families have equal access to the services they need and that those services give care that respects choice, is based on compassion and kindness, as well as what is right for each individual family means I give my all to projects.

I set up Loving baby as a way for me to share my story, but then realised that my voice, my experience could be used for good and could make a difference to others. This moved me to then set up Unfold your Wings and the Birth Trauma Trust.

If like me you believe that together we are stronger, that we can all make a difference, that every small act means the making of big changes to the lives of families then we have much work that can be done.

You can read about my projects here. So please get in touch, I love to hear new ideas.

You can email me