Welcome to Loving Baby

Loving baby’s wish is to help you on your journey of parenthood.

There are so many challenges that families face but with a little help and support it is possible to navigate the road ahead and build families nurtured with love.

Loving baby’s passion is supporting families to trust in themselves and their abilities to nurture and care for their baby. To listen to their baby and respond in ways that help them feel safe, secure and cared for. Also to help parents to know and follow their instincts in pregnancy, birth, parenthood and beyond.


Loving baby is also aware of the impact birth and having a baby can have on the emotional wellbeing and mental health of families. Loving baby works hard to raise awareness of perinatal mental health, especially Birth Trauma and also campaigns to make sure families can assess the support.

Loving baby is involved with a number of projects to help improving maternity services, including neonatal and the care women receive during birth and the perinatal period.

Loving baby helps educates healthcare professionals and other agencies with workshops, training and public speaking about emotional wellbeing, infant feeding and perinatal mental health including the impact/recovery from Birth Trauma and PTSD.

Loving Baby was founded by Emma Jane after her own experiences of birth, the challenges of parenting her own children and struggling with perinatal mental health. Emma Jane is also the founder of Unfold Your Wings and Beyond Birth Trauma


If you would like to know more please contact us.