Postnatal Doula services


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Caring for your baby after birth, while trying to recover yourself can be difficult and having support in the early days and weeks with feeding, bonding and your feelings about being a new parent is important.

Especially if trying to breastfeed, having support around positioning and attaching your baby, newborn behaviour and what to expect in the early days and weeks, as well as support with common issues that may arise can help you reach your personal feeding goals.

Being new parents can be challenging time and your feelings around this can be difficult to understand. Especially if your birth has been difficult or not how you had planned, having a safe space to reflect on your feelings can help you to understand them.


I am a trained Postnatal Doula and have been working for the NHS in neonatal, maternity, paediatrics’ and community services for over six years. I have been with the Breastfeeding network since 2009 and I am currently a Breastfeeding supporter. I have training both from the BFN and the NHS for supporting infant feeding, including introduction to solids. I also practice in line with UNICEF Baby Friendly guidelines.

I am currently a NHS Health in Pregnancy Advisor.

  • I have QCF level 3 qualification in Maternity and paediatric care.
  • MHFA mental health first aid qualification.
  • IHV training in perinatal mental health.
  • Smoking cessation in pregnancy.

Plus many other aspects of health in pregnancy and beyond.

I am also a Solihull Approach practitioner, including trauma training.


I can offer you support for a healthy pregnancy, feelings around your birth, caring for your baby including feeding, bonding and attachment, safe sleep, newborn behaviour, introduction of solid food and emotional wellbeing.

I also offer Birth Reflection Sessions.

If you would like more information please contact me by email

Thank you

Emma Jane x