About Emma Jane

Thrive Mental Health Champion Award 2018

It is really hard to write a page about yourself. I’ve sat here for quite a while, fingers poised over the key board, thinking about how to describe me, Emma Jane, who I am, my life and everything in between.

Firstly I am a mother to two beautiful daughters that fill my life with fun, chatter, vibrancy and surprises. I am passionate about improving maternity services for women and their families, but also Perinatal mental health services.

Im privileged to work in the Health in Pregnancy team for the NHS which I love. Im driven to try to improve support for women that have experienced birth trauma and women that have had preterm babies, and the difficult journey of NICU. Im also a trained doula and postnatal doula.

I hope to help other parents nurture their babies with love, by trusting their body, listening to their baby and following their instincts and to care for their own emotional wellbeing. Also to share my own experiences and journey to recovery from birth trauma and also how my life has taken many different roads teaching me so many things about myself.

My greatest desire is to improve the culture of birth, improve services families need to care for their babies and raise awareness of perinatal mental health issues. I had my first daughter at only 22 and sadly had a very traumatic birth which nearly cost me and my baby our lives. I didn’t realise it at the time, but my birth experience and postnatal care resulted in perinatal PTSD. Unfortunately my PTSD was not diagnosed till many years later. I am trying to channel my experience and feelings into helping others and educating health professionals on the impact of trauma in birth and how we can all work together to reduce birth trauma and improve support for families that are affected.

Im part of the amazing Matexp, a grassroots movement to improve maternity services. I run the Birth Trauma Network also a PTSD following birth trauma support website, facebook and twitter page called ‘Unfold your wings’. I also run the Perinatal Mental Health Network facebook discussion group. I founded Beyond Birth Trauma to offer hope and support healing by means of the B.E.Y.O.N.D Steps.

Being able to have a voice and share my story I hope has helped others. I will continue to do all I can to support those who may as yet not feel strong enough to speak out.

Im quirky, creative, sometimes dipsy and definitely emotional, but I don’t mind being different. I will admit that Im also girly and love things that sparkle. Im also passionate and sometimes a little insecure. I love butterflies, flowers and all things nature. I like nothing more than taking my camera to wonderful and interesting places and capturing life with all its magic.

Sometimes life takes you down a path that may lead to a place you never dreamed of, there is always so much to learn, so much you can get involved in and lots to enjoy. On the road of life you will hit bumps and sometimes they seem like mountains, but they seek to teach us about ourself and about others.

Sometimes things happen that change us forever, but even the bad can be used for good. I believe that sometimes things happen when we least expect them, and that surprise is part of the fabric of life too.

We do not always know what awaits us in the rich tapestry of life, but when we are true to who we are, have companions that enrich our life and we believe in ourselves, we can achieve anything. I hope I can inspire you to always be You, and to see your inner strength, to see your worth and know you can overcome even the hardest of times.

So I hope you enjoy my ramblings, experiences and thoughts, one thing I promise they are always from my heart.

So there you have it! I know that life is a journey, that it can test us to the very edge of our endurance, but it can also give us moments of pure bliss and magic.

May you believe in yourself, your power to make a difference in this world, and may these words hold true for you too;


Love Emma Jane