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Loving Baby – nurturing families with love

Helping parents to trust their bodies, listen to their babies and follow their instincts

Pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent is a journey. It is a road filled with happiness, excitement and joy as you wonder where it will take you. As you navigate this new adventure it is natural to feel anxious and uncertain about what may lie ahead.

Loving Baby believes that by trusting your body, listening to your baby and trusting your instincts you can be everything your baby needs.

So as you start your journey to welcome your beautiful baby into the world, and you wonder how to care and nurture this precious new life, Loving Baby can support you.

Based in the West Midlands, we offer support in the early days including understanding baby development/behaviour, infant feeding including introducing solid foods, as well as bonding and attachment. We also offer birth reflection sessions for families who may be struggling with feelings about their birth. 

If you want to know how you can be in tune with your body and your baby and you are looking for support for the early days with your new baby, we are here to offer you gentle, tailored, family focused help every step of the way.

So please have a look at the services provided including support for birth trauma and perinatal mental health awareness and training.

Bonding and Nurturing with gentle parenting


Perinatal Mental Health support and awareness, because emotional wellbeing matters to families


Supporting families to trust in themselves, listen to their babies and follow their instincts

Loving Baby

Helping families find the information and support they need to navigate the challenges and enjoy the journey of parenting.