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May 4th 2016 Maternal – Mental Health Day – Breastfeeding and Perinatal mental health.

May 4th 2016 Maternal Mental Health day  Breastfeeding and perinatal mental health May 4th  2016 is Maternal Mental Health day. Maternal mental health is challenging with the arrival of a new baby. The dynamics of family life change, relationships change and wellbeing can often be affected. One area that can have a big impact on wellbeing for new mothers is their breastfeeding journey. Especially if there are perinatal mental health issues breastfeeding become.. Read More

Continuity of care – for whom?

There has been a lot of talk recently about continuity of care in maternity services. The recent National Maternity Review report, “Better Births’ raised that ‘some midwives had commented positively on the option of a ‘case-loading’ model’. It also highlighted that women said they ‘see too many midwives and doctors’ which then meant it was hard for them to ‘build up a rapport with healthcare professionals.’ It also highlighted that preterm births have.. Read More

Supporting breastfeeding, a battle that can’t be won?

My heart is heavy. There is a battle raging that I fear will not be won. It is becoming increasingly harder to keep my spirits high. What is this battle that is raging? Simply, to support women to breastfeed their babies. Over the last few weeks there has what can only be described as a war of words in the media. It started with a celebrity stating that he wanted to raise a.. Read More

Why we must talk about ‘Birth Trauma’

  I look around the room, there are mums and babies everywhere. I look at their faces, smiling and happy. They are chatting, discussing if their little one is sleeping through, or sitting up yet. I stare at them, looking for a trace or a flicker that may show that deep down they are suffering too. You see Im suffering, a fear exists in me that wont let go, I watch my daughter.. Read More

Breastfeeding – my lifeline.

    I could barely hold the funnel to my breast. My hands, swollen and numb grasped as hard as they could, my body, weak, hardly had the strength I needed. I lay there, on the hospital bed, the noise of the machines sending me into a trance like slumber. Slowly the small drops of precious milk appeared, glistening in the light that flooded my room, and I felt relief relax my body… Read More

Are you really making an Informed choice ?

Choice, you know it’s important. Everyday you make so many, from what to wear, what coffee you want on the way to work, to big things like where to live or the career you want. There are also many reasons you make choices. Sometimes it’s a feeling, sometimes a split second decision or sometimes because you feel pressured by others. Sometimes you can feel choice is taken out your hands because of the.. Read More

Is there a Perinatal mental health band wagon?

    I feel worried. Worried, because there seems to be some what of a perinatal band wagon lately. Where ever you look, there are articles, stories being shared and people discussing perinatal mental health, its loud, in your face, singing and dancing. This is wonderful and definitely needed. Awareness around perinatal mental health is so important and so is helping to reduce stigma, so that families feel they can reach out for.. Read More

Battles of the mind – Intrusive thoughts

    My daughter was stood right next to me, her cheeks rosey from the cold wind blowing across the pond. Her tiny hands clutch tightly small pieces of bread, ready to throw to the very eagerly awaiting ducks, she’s happy, her giggles fill the air as the ducks quack, getting ever nearer. But secretly Im shaking, my hands feel numb, my head is full of thoughts I cant control, I want to.. Read More

Why are so many Mums struggling?

    I spend a lot of time around mums, whether they be first time mums or seasoned mums of three or four little ones. I run a support group, I see them on home visits, on postnatal wards and clinics. There’s one thing that they have in common and that’s, most are struggling. The question is why? Why are we as mums, parents, families finding it hard to daily manage the rigours.. Read More